Matt Dawson is the co-owner of Muscle Crue Fitness

Matt Dawson - Co-Owner/Trainer

My journey towards Muscle Crue Fitness has been long and fulfilling.  I have been active my entire life playing sports and staying fit.  I found by passion for fitness in high-school playing football.  I was never the most talented athlete on any team, but I learned that hard work and dedication to strength training and nutrition can make up for a lot of natural talent.  My favorite fitness quote is from Tim Notke, "...hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."  My passion for fitness and bodybuilding led me to pursue a degree in sports medicine at the University of Northern Colorado, with a minor in nutrition.  I played rugby for the university and hit the weights harder than ever before adding 20 lbs of lean mass while becoming quicker and faster at the same time.  I finally saw the value in adding the proper foods and matching my diet to my fitness and athletic goals.  I graduated and became a certified personal trainer and have done that for over 15 years.

My love of physical activity led me to pursue my other passion and career as a full time firefighter EMT.  I love the physical nature of the job and the affects fitness has on a firefighters functional job performance.  My passion is helping others and focusing on the individual and what makes them truly unique, and that is why I started Muscle Crue Fitness.  Too many trainers in this industry use cookie cutter plans that don't address a person's unique attributes.  Fitness is not a one size fits all...genetics, age, sex, lifestyle, motivation, and a myriad of other reasons make each person's fitness journey unique.  I pride myself in customizing each client's plan to fit their unique goals and lifestyle.  Doing Muscle Crue Fitness has given myself and my clients I care about, amazing results.


B.S. in sport and exercise science with nutrition minor
Peer Fitness Trainer with the Thornton Fire Deparment


Over 15 years as a trainer for 24Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, online training, and in-home training.


Range of motion and corrective flexibility
Improve sports performance
Fitness competition prep
Police, fire, and military academy prep
Custom nutrtition design
Functional training
Post-surgical resistance training

Aimee Dawson - Co-Owner/Apparel Designer

I am a licensed cosmetologist and have worked my adult life to make people feel better about themselves.  However, I used to lack confidence in myself.  I was never into fitness and never even stepped foot into a gym until about 6 months after my first child was born.  I decided that I needed to get fit when my sister planned a destination wedding that I was going to take part in.  My husband, Matt Dawson, took on the task of being my personal trainer and lovingly cheered me on in my fitness journey.  As the weeks of training went on, I started seeing results in how my body looked and how I felt.  I was feeling more energetic than I had in a very long time.  Within a few weeks of training, I found that I was enjoying myself and it was no longer just something that I had to do.  Seeing the changes that my body was doing and my increased energy, gave me confidence!  I felt empowered both mentally and physically!  I started challenging myself and even surpassing my expectations.  I actually loved working out!

I competed in my very first fitness competition in March 2016.  From that competition, I brought home 3 trophies and a whole lot of self-confidence.  In the past, I had always struggled with self-confidence, but since I started taking care of myself through training, my confidence was soaring!

The more I enjoyed going to the gym, the more I started being interested in finding fun gym apparel.  I found it motivating to try different clothing brands and was excited to go to the gym in new gear.  I found that as you start feeling good about your body, you want to wear clothes that reflect your new energy and confidence.  I then decided to design a new line of workout gear for our business.

Muscle Crue Fitness apparel line has something for every step of your fitness journey.  We have something for every body shape and taste.  Our apparel line will not only make it more fun working out, but it also confidence boosting as well!

Muscle Crue Fitness logo is a circular wave.  The meaning behind the wave goes very deep for us.  When looking at self image, it is all about how you feel internally, which then reflect on the outside.  Just like a wave, you can see yourself as calm and peaceful, or the most powerful force on Earth.  The wave in universally known to symbolize power, strength, life, hope, mystery, and truth.  At Muscle Crue Fitness, we give you the tools to find your inner power and beauty.

Muscle Crue Fitness co-owner Aimee Dawson
Muscle Crue Fitness owners, Matt and Aimee Dawson