Muscle Crue Fitness will help you with all of your personal training needs

Personal Training

You are busy!  You don't have time to drive across town through traffic, find a parking spot at the gym, waste time finding an empty locker in the locker room, and then find you have to wait to use the equipment that you want to use!  Training with Muscle Crue Fitness is for you!  We offer online training so that you can do it on YOUR schedule.  We customize training programs just for cookie cutter programs!

Race/Academy/Show Prep

You have a big show, race, or academy test coming up.  You want to make sure that you do the best that you can do.  You need to train online with Muscle Crue Fitness!  Our 10 Week Race/Acadmeny/Show Prep Packages are custom designed to help YOU get the results that you want for the type or exam or event you desire!

Muscle Crue Fitness can help you get ready for your firefighting exam
Muscle Crue Fitness can help you lose weight and reach your nutrition goals

Weight Loss & Nutrition

You have been struggle with your weight. Perhaps you are overweight.  Perhaps your underweight.  You may even have a healthy weight, but need to be more cut for an upcoming show.  Muscle Crue Fitness can help you get the results you want!  Our 12 Week Nutrition Programs can help you start living a healthier lifestyle!

Body Targeted Training Packages

Everyone has areas on their bodies that they are not happy with.  Maybe you have been trying for a while to get toned in a certain area.  Muscle Crue Fitness can help you target those troublesome areas with our 6 Week Body Target Packages!  Start seeing the results that you desire!

Muscle Crue Fitness has packages to tone targeted areas of your body