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Over the past year I have trained with Matt Dawson, he has taught me so many things about fitness, nutrition, and how my body works. Never has he given up on my journey and what u can achieve. The dedication and drive I have been empowered with has made me be a better person. This next year is going to be great with him by my side! Thanks Matt!
-Nick Rusho

Matt is one of the best, and probably my favorite of the trainers have worked with. I had limited time for workouts, so he always made the best of my time. I loved how he always changed up the routines so that my body never "got into a rut". Matt also has a great way of "nicely" pushing you just a little bit further, to get a few extra reps out of you when you think you've given it all you've got. Thanks for your encouragement & dedication to help others.
-Tamara Kennedy

Anyone looking to start up their New Year's Resolution of getting into shape?  Check out my trainer, Matt Dawson!!!  I've been training with him for well over a year now and I am in the best shape of my life!!   He actually takes the time to personalize your diet and your routine so you actually get the results YOU want!  Plus he checks up on you to make sure you are staying on track and motivates you to keep going so you don't lose steam.  Throughout my training, he has helped me so much to go above and beyond my fitness goals!  Take a moment and go check him out!
-Annie Caillouette

Matt Dawson has the best possible fitness training out there!  We all have goals we want reached, and they can help you achieve them at Muscle Crue Fitness.  I don't usually share products or people because I usually don't stand by their work 100%, but I can say that I do stand by them!  They have both (Matt & Aimee)  helped me achieve some of the best goals I have EVER accomplished.  Check them out!!
-LuDonnia Brungardt

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